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Sparkling and Still Wine Preserver

Our low cost commercial wine preserver eliminates wastage, keeping still and sparkling wines fresh for up to 10 days. And it’s so easy for staff to use! No gas or compressors are required. The portable, hand-held unit works off a re-chargeable batter just like a mobile phone. By vacuming air out from still wine bottles through the special, one-way sealing valve, then sealing them ready for re-use, PresorVac immediately inhibits the oxidisation process. So, the quality of red or white still wines is maintained – from first to last serving.


Wine-By-The-Glass should be the big growth area, except that opened wines oxidise and sparkling wines go fiat, creating quality issues for suppliers, wastage for the trade and lost sales all round.

Sales & Quality Up, Wastage Eliminated

Waiter’s Friend PresorVac, our budget priced, hand-held preserver, is damping all that Restaurateurs using PresorVac enthuse about wine sales increases of more than with huge improvement in quality and wine wastage down to zero — plus the added benefit of a marked uplift in repeat bookings.